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Barborská Street

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Kutná Hora

Barborská Street

The view along Barborská Street – lined on one side with statues and with a magnificent Jesuit College running along the other – to the Church of St. Barbara is strikingly beautiful. This has not escaped filmmakers, who have used it as a location in Les Misérables, The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc and From Hell.

When the blunt Inspector Javert, portrayed by Geoffery Rush, canters along a Paris street to the police prefecture he is in reality riding his steed in the shadow of Kutná Hora’s Church of St. Barbara. Johnny Depp hunted for Jack the Ripper in an adaptation of Alan Moore’s graphic novel From Hell at the same spot. Its architecture and in particular genius loci also attracted Luc Besson, who shot part of his historical blockbuster The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc there.

Enter Barborská Street facing the church and a large Jesuit College stands to your right. The facade of the building, laid out in the shape of the letter F, is over 180 metres long. Today’s Barborská Street runs along what was once a viewing terrace belonging to the college. That is why it is possible to admire on your left a collection of 13 statues of saints often compared to those on Prague’s Charles Bridge. Just beyond the stone railings lies the valley of the river Vrchlice. In the opposite direction from the majestic St. Barbara’s you can enjoy the view of the similarly high tower of the Church of St. James.


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