Adršpach Rocks

Gothic Gate

„Entrance into the Rock Town.“
East Bohemia

Adršpach Rocks

Gothic Gate

How did it end up here, in between the rocks? Could it be a piece of a backdrop left behind by the filmmakers? These and other questions will run through your head once you lay your eyes on the Gothic Gate in the Adršpach Rocks.

The nature itself is responsible for much of the beauty of the Adršpach Rocks. This, however, doesn't apply to this portal. It was the hand of man that constructed it, not erosion. It's wedged in the rocks, as if inviting visitors into some kind of fantasy land. No wonder the first part of The Chronicles of Narnia was filmed here.

The gate was built in 1839 by the lord of the manor of that time, Ludvík Karel Nádherný. It was used as the second entrance gate into the rock maze, and not solely for decoration; on the contrary, its purpose was quite a prosaic one - this is where the tickets to the Rock Town were checked. That's right, to see it, people had to pay money back then as well. In Narnia, another interesting spot appeared in the film, the Mouse Hole (Myší díra). The name itself is quite telling - it was astonishing that the actors managed to squeeze through it.


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