„Rocks loved by the faun from Narnia.“
North Bohemia


This is the very spot where Lucy Pevensie met the faun Mr Tumnus, as portrayed by James McAvoy, whose beloved home was in a rock cleft here. In addition, the Pevensie siblings’ whole adventure 'began' near Tisá.

Incidentally the bizarrely shaped Tisá Rocks have in the past been linked to a number of mysterious legends. One relates to a French aristocrat who dug up a treasure here but was never seen again. He is said to be guarded by evil elves who lead treasure hunters to get lost among the rocks. Watch out for them!

The Tisá area also has much to offer those with less interest in fairy tales and legends. It is a paradise for hikers and climbers with over 100 registered climbing routes. Nearby are Děčínský Sněžník and its lookout tower. You can reach it by the red hiking trail, which also leads you along the Forgotten Borderland educational trail. A perfect choice for a great day out!


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