Czech Switzerland

Pravčická brána

„Visit a magical world!“
North Bohemia

Czech Switzerland

Pravčická brána

Visit Narnia! You think that’s impossible? Not in the Czech Republic. It has played host to the famous siblings Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, who in the first film adaptation of C. S. Lewis’s famous book experienced a spectacular winter adventure.

One of the most famous natural beauty spots in the Czech Republic – Pravčická brána (Pravčice Sandstone Gate) – appears in the magical movie. Indeed it is from the largest rock bridge in Europe that the children, accompanied by beavers, look down on the frozen river on their journey through frozen Narnia.

You can enjoy a view of the gate and more gorgeous scenery from a number of lookout spots in the area. A little further on is the Sokolí hnízdo (Falcon’s Nest) Chateau. Director Andrew Adamson is said to have been completely enchanted by Czech Switzerland as soon as he saw it online. Have you been there yet?


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