Big America

„Vin Diesel was filming here!“
Central Bohemia

Big America

Bad boy Vin Diesel, sci-fi and a favourite place for trips. Is it possible to have it all in one spot? It is! Hollywood tough guy with an unmistakable voice Vin Diesel operated here in the thriller Babylon A.D.

As a mercenary Toorop, he's collecting the mysterious Aurora (played by the beautiful Mélanie Therry) from the convent by the local quarry. Big America (Velká Amerika) is ideal for showing the tough times in this film by Mathieu Kassovitz, as its wild beauty has been attracting tramps and tourists for many years.

Director Oldřich Lipský used it as a backdrop for his legendary Wild West comedy Lemonade Joe (Limonádový Joe). This is where Joe meets his beloved Winifred.

If you come here looking for your own adventure, the yellow trail will show you around Big America, Mexiko around the quarry all the way to Little America (Malá Amerika) and the Oak of the Seven Brothers (Dub sedmi bratří). The massive tree is entangled in myths. One of them says that it was here where booty was distributed among seven highwaymen. Karlštejn Castle is also only a stone's throw away from the site.


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