Stodolní Street

„Welcome to the party paradise!“
Moravia and Silesia


Stodolní Street

Director Martin Šulík chose Ostrava as the setting for his tragic comedy Sunny State. The story of four men, who try to figure out what to do with their lives after being sacked from work, shows many localities.

The famous party street Stodolní is one of them. The local phenomenon is attractive for its numerous clubs, bars and discos, and its renown has also been recognized abroad. The staff and the actors of Sunny State had a chance to get properly acquainted with the "street that never sleeps" as they were staying here during the filming.

Director Radim Špaček used the street in some of his shots in the thriller from the normalization era, Walking Too Fast. He also filmed in the Vítkovice ironworks. The street is located close to the Ostrava main train station, which is a bonus. Have fun!


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