Vítkovice mining district

„Check out the ironworks!“
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Vítkovice mining district

Action! Let’s go! All guns blazing! The impressive short action film Ghost Recon: Alpha delivered a very well-made, slick military operation. Tough guys, bullets whizzing through the air… And it was shot in Vítkovice.

The cool beauty of its ironworks provided the perfect backdrop to an action-filled live action accompaniment to the game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The film was the work of US and UK filmmakers but featured several Czech actors, led by Karel Dobrý.

The charismatic actor has appeared in the Czech series Cirkus Bukowsky and film In the Shadow, as well as in internationally-produced pictures such as Doctor Zhivago, Mission Impossible and Edith Piaf.

The plot of Ghost Recon: Alpha? Thwart a meeting of the enemy in 25 minutes. Shot in just 19 days, the gripping film has had over 9 million YouTube views!

You can visit Vítkovice’s industrial treasures on the Blast Furnace no. 1 tour. What awaits you? A view from 60 metres above the ground, a look inside a blast furnace, lots of fun facts about pig iron production and more. What’s more in the 2015 season you can enjoy the brand new adrenalin circuit, which takes you to a height of 80 metres. Another tour is dedicated to the Gong auditorium, where you can get a peek at places that are usually off limits.


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